Getting Ready for the Cross-Border Challenges: Capacity Building in Sustainable Shore Use

The GET READY project was aimed at increasing readiness to respond to existing and expected challenges in the field of sustainable environmental management in the eastern part of the Gulf of Finland.
As a result of the project, the Russian-Finnish Center for Education, Research and Innovation in the Field of Coastal Zone Management CERINCO was created, based on the educational and information platform DELS (Distant EcoLearning System) developed in the project and allowing the use of distance learning technologies for learning.

The CERINCO Training Center is a trigger for improving and changing the work on building up the human resources potential of environmentally dependent business companies in Russia and Finland based on competence-oriented educational programs.
The harmonized Russian and Finnish pilot training courses developed in the project and university educational programs in the field of sustainable use of coasts and coastal zone management, as well as hydrological calculations in coastal zones, are based on the applied research and engineering developments carried out in the project, and also include regional strategies on climate change mitigation. Distance learning and methodological complexes developed within the framework of the project and further developed at the CERINCO center based on the innovative online platform “Distant EcoLearning System” will ensure the formation of new modern professional competencies demanded by employers. The introduction of new professional competencies into practice will undoubtedly lead to the application of the principles of “green economy”, “circular economy” in the economy of coastal territories.

The project also formed an international cohort of highly educated specialists and highly competent experts in the field of rational use of the coast and management of the coastal zone;
For the first time, the methods developed in the project at a high scientific level to minimize the negative anthropogenic effects of the coastal ecosystems of the Eastern Gulf of Finland will be used in the practical activities of regional and municipal authorities, as well as numerous business companies in Russia and Finland. The project also developed recommendations for improving the regulatory and methodological framework in the field of environmental protection and legislative initiatives at the federal and regional levels of Russia
The project prepared and published the monograph “Developing best practices for sustainable coastal zone planning at the Eastern Gulf of Finland”, which presents the best Finnish and Russian practices of marine spatial planning in the Eastern Gulf of Finland. The monograph summarizes for the first time all previous works in this field. The Digital Environmental Management Tools (EMT) developed by the project based on digitalization, as more and more detailed data about the port area is available through real-time automatic measuring devices, can create useful and easy-to-read forecasts, reports and analyses.