KS1305 BizCycle

Boosting offers and promotion of touristic and hospitality SMEs by fostering enhanced ecosystem for cross-border bicycling and eco-tourism

The main goal of project was to develop touristic and hospitality SMEs by boosting of their capacity and development of cycling and eco-tourism in both project regions.

For development of cycling and eco-tourism three international and a lot of local cycling routes were developed under project in cooperation with cycling and SMEs communities and published on cycleadvisor.org portal, developed in project. During the project, developed routes were promoted with different events. Printed maps were published and disseminated of developed routes in English, Russian and Finnish. A study course with 30 participants was to train guide-instructors on cycling routes. For boosting capacity of SMEs the following methods were use: learning, consolidation and providing the new opportunities with modern IT-tools. A publication “Methodological recommendations for cycling and ecological tourism entrepreneurship” was development and published with help of external experts in order to improve the competence of SMEs. The book was published in Russian and Finnish with 1000 copies containing advices and recommendations related to cross-border cycling tourism from SME’s viewpoint. 1 new regional on-line SMEs support structure “B2C” (i.e. Business to Cyclists) association created with members from Russia and Finland.

BizCycle-cycling routes