Privacy Policy

Personal data protection

The South-East Finland – Russia CBC Managing Authority is committed to user privacy based on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Regulation 2016/679. Although you can browse through most of this website without giving any information about yourself, in some cases, personal information is required in order us to provide you with our services.

In this respect we refer to following:

  • subscribe to our newsletter by providing your email address
  • submit project news by providing your contact information including name, email and telephone number
  • submit a registration form to participate in our event(s) or a reply to our on-line survey(s) by providing your personal information like name, title, email, passport id, organisation, role in the funded project and possible preferences on the event topics or survey theses

All the personal data is recorded and stored in to website server, is managed and maintained by our service provider Virnex Group Ltd in Lahti, Finland in the WordPress-admin and in addition to their customer service, can be reviewed by the Managing Authority’s administration user. E-mails in connection to subscribing to Programme newsletter are maintained on the Mailchimp admin site by the Managing Authority.

Personal data referred in this Privacy Policy is used only for the purpose referred as the Programme service (newsletter, project news, registration and reply). In case we intent to use data that may identify a person, it is announced separately in the respective notice of information. Information is not forwarded to any third parties.

The data is stored for the period of the website being on-line and when transferring off-line, if not imported to new web-platform of same purpose, carefully destroyed.

Upon contact to official(at), we provide you with the information of the personal data stored in our services and adjust, correct or remove it by your request.