Tarjouskilpailu mainostoimisto- ja digipalveluista

Kaakkois-Suomi – Venäjä CBC 2014–2020 ohjelman hallintoviranomainen pyytää tarjousta mainostoimisto- ja digipalveluista vuosille 2018–2019 (optio 31.12.2020 asti). Tarjouspyyntö sisältää palvelukokonaisuuden, jonka tavoitteena on tukea ohjelman tiedotustoimintaa ja tarjota sitä kautta kohderyhmille monipuolisia ja uusia palvelumuotoja. Kokonaisuuteen sisältyvistä toimeksiannoista sovitaan tehtäväkohtaisesti sopimuskauden aikana. Tarjouskilpailu suljetaan 24.11.2017 klo 16:00.

Tarjouspyyntöön ja sen liitteeseen (hintalista) voi toimittaa tarkentavia kysymyksiä 14.11.2017 klo 16:00 asti, jonka jälkeen vastaanotetut kysymykset ja niiden vastaukset julkaistaan tällä sivulla 17.11.2017 mennessä. Kysymykset ja vastaukset julkaistaan vain englanninkielellä.


Invitation to tender Advertising and Digiservices 2018-2019
Annex 1 to Invitation to tender Advertising and Digiservices 2018-2019

Ilmoitus HILMA palvelussa https://www.hankintailmoitukset.fi/fi/notice/view/2017-023506

Questions and answers (published 15.11.2017)

Q: Layout of visual outlook and planning or supporting/ coordinating of creation of script, soundtrack, animation (3D) and texts for 5 short information video clips (durations: one video ca. 4 min and four videos ca. 1-2 min each), and coordinating and supporting the production and distribution. Does this contain actual filming?
A: Actual filming may be part of this work-package and the need is dependent on the script and on the available existing material. The bids in the price grid should be provided without filming costs.

Q: Supporting creation, production and publication of video streaming from the training sessions organised at the programme’s annual events. In practice, this work may consist for example of consultation of suitable applications, systems and equipment and providing the visual outlook for the contents. Does the video streaming happen in which physical location(s)? Does this include traveling e.g. outside of the borders of Finland?
A: Service entity for supporting creation, production and publication of video streams does not include participation nor working hours of the service provider in the event locations. It is expected that the Programme staff will carry out the concrete work after being consulted and supported by the service provider.

Q: Please specify what does liability assurance for the contract period mean.
A: Assurance (free format) of the operational and financial liability covering the contract period and anticipating no known plans for closing business, decreasing sufficient personnel etc.

Q: Concerning the tenderer’s references, at least two assignments on equal level with the project content are required. We have conducted all type of work that is going to be implemented during the contract period but on different assignments for different clients. Do we qualify?
A: Yes you do. At least two assignments are required, but there can be more. Relevant question is how widely the proposed team has contributed to the referred assignments.